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My first exam paper is tomorrow - Singapore English Language Theatre.
I should be going through some of the plays. But gah, I'm too lazy. Just baked devil's food cake though. num num num. Baking = very therapeautic for pre-exam jitters. Except I don't get pre-exam jitters. I know a lot of people get particularly stressed during the examination period and work themselves up to a nice tizzy. But I just don't. Joanne doesn't have the 'stress' chromosome. Which is good in some ways I guess since I won't lose any sleep and my hair won't turn grey from excessive worrying. But I sure wish I had some of it, especially in a situation like this.
I think it also doesn't help that I have an attention span of a 4 year old. Which means I can sit there with my book open and read like 3 lines then go off to hunt for food. Then I read another 3 lines and play with my make-up collection. GAH.
Ok I will go to bed now. I mean, if I'm not planning to study, might as well get a good night's rest, yes? YES.

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I be needing help.
A friend's birthday is coming up and I want to get her the Gap Dream EDT. Which is not available in Singapore.
So I be hoping that one of you kind souls out there reading my journal would volunteer to help me make a custom-purchase. *puppy-dog eyes* Pleeeeease?

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Ooooh, I have not updated my journal in a looong while. Much has happened it seems. Nianci is back on LJ. Oh hooray! Welcome back dear if you're reading this.
Nuffin much has happened to me. Apart from the fact that my friends are STILL trying to get Y and I together (yes, Del it's THAT guy I brought to your party). Y shall remain as Y because I fear some Singaporean girl reading this and we all know how small Singapore is. Too small, says I. But Y and I have become better friends. He be the type a girl would like to keep as a girl-friend type of guy friend. Plus he's the first heterosexual male friend I have. Mun, Eugene and all don't count because they have the same taste in music and lipgloss as I.
I am in the midst of my exam preparations. Exams commence on the 15th and end on the 26th which really stinks. There is going to a be a huge beach party on the 24th that I wanted to go to but now I can't. And all my friends' papers end early so they're going without me. Boo hoo. Including Y. He said 'ha ha ha' when I told I couldn't go so I told that I hope he steps on a jellyfish. ho ho ho.
I was also engaged in a battle of the sexes. Well sort of. This guy from one of my classes is infuriatingly chauvinistic and talks down to me all the time. He thinks I am some blighted airhead. Granted the conversation among my girlfriends and I revolve mainly around clothes, make-up and who's dating who but really, I can easily choose (choose being the operative word here) to talk about globalisation or the political apathy of Singaporean youths. But I don't. Because clothes and make-up interest me more. So there. Why should I talk about some Nuclear disarmament treaty or Herder theories of cultural nationalism just so I could appear well-learned and intelligent? I know I'm capable of carrying out engaging debates and intelligent coversations on politics and such. I just choose not to.
A bunch of were having lunch that day and Mr Obnoxious made this grossly irresponsible comment. I can't remember what we were talking about but he just said "Girls have no brains anyway". I was shocked and disgusted and told him in a voice loud enough to be heard across the table (and next)"Well, I rather have no brain than one that is located in my pants."
That shut him up. For the time-being.
Sonofabitch better wear ball guards the next time he plans to make a comment like that.
Moving on to the more pleasant updates on my life, I went to Jois's modelling competition finals last week. She didnt't win but we volunteered to get rid of the winner for her. ho ho. Such darlings we are. But, OMG, the male models there were breath-takingly good-looking. I thought Ruth was going to get lockjaw from the way she kept gaping at them. Jois knows some of them. Oh mmmmm. Oh yay.
J'ai sommeil. I will go to bed now.

Happy Birthday to me...ZzZZzzzzZZz

I cannot believe I slept my entire birthday away.
No painting the town red for me because I freaking just slept.
I was up the whole of Sunday night finishing my Political Science essay on Realism and its relevence to non-proliferation treaties on nuclear arms. oh FUN. I was in front of my 'puter from 10pm Sunday night to 8am Monday morning. On top of that, I had to do a presentation on the essay topic for my 11am tutorial the next morning, on MY birthday. barf.
At 9:55am Monday, I was still at home, waiting for my damned printer to churn out nmy essay. And the damned thing stopped at page 4 and jammed. %$#&*.
I finally got the entire essay printed and made it to class at 11:14am. And I got an A for the presentation part of it. I damned well better get an A for the written part of it, to make up for the whole night's worth of lost sleep.
Needless to say, by 1:30pm, I was walking around like a zombie and totally spacing out in French class. The lecturer was NOT pleased. J'�t� fatigu�e.
When I got home, I took what would probably go down in history as the longest nap ever recorded. I slept from 2pm to 9:30pm. I would have probably slept till the next day but my parents bought me a little cake to celebrate. It was tiramisu. num num num.
No big birthday celebration for Jo this year. But I shall celebrate this coming Sunday. My friends are all coming over for dinner and we shall have tom yam steamboat. yay. I wanted to cook but then they won't come if I do so a steamboat dinner it will be.

Deborah and Tanya: *MWAH* thank you both for your lovely birthday messages.
Unfortunately Deborah, I didn't get pointy-haired boi for my birthday. Loads of make-up but no pointy-haired boi. Perhaps for Christmas, yes?

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I got introduced to pointy-haired boi. My tummy is filled with wriggly, jittery sensations and I am squealing like one of them hormone-crazed girls I absolutely detest but damn if I can help it.
Ok I really should start explaining from scratch. I just got back from a night of clubbing. It was Jois's birthday so we all went out to Zouk. We were all sitting in Phuture and there was I, mid-tequilla shot when he strolled in with his friends. Ooooooh.
And then my friends who were pretty much high at this point started poking me and going 'ooooh, look who's here'. If they weren't so inebriated, I would have kicked all of their asses. I was quite content with sitting in a corner sipping my apricot brandy when Wen drags me over. She knows pointy-haired boi and friends personally. So then she drags me over and makes the introductions. *dies*
Actually upclose, he looks a little like an extra from Planet of the Apes. But I LIKE. My little monkey boi. tee hee.

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There was a time when I believed that my object of desire will eventually be mine and I'd get all sappy and dreamy-eyed over every damned love song over the radio. Yes, having a crush used to make me happy and to me, there was no happier feeling then when Mr X smiled at me from across the room or said hello.
But well. One has to grow up. As sad as this is going to sound, I have had 7 failed crushes. I know of late, my journal entries have been filled with my incessant whining about my love life or lack of but i can't help it. I get so fucking depressed when I think about it.
I am such a disgrace for one who associates herself with the likes of Third Wave-type Feminists. I mean I shouldn't need a man to feel good about myself. I am smart, witty and not too bad-looking if I say so myself. So there. I don't need a man.
But ask me again when I haven't anything to do on a Saturday night and all my friends are out with their respective other halves.
Dinner is here and I will certainly whine more after I am done stuffing myself.

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When my mother doesn't want me to do something, she says 'It best be advise that you blah blah'. It's her way of saying 'No, I don't want you staying out so late'. It's just that it's not politically correct to tell a 19 year old directly that she can't stay out late even if her other friends are. It annoys me nonetheless because I know what she's trying to say. Pah.
I want to write about what I've up to in my long period of absence from livejournal but I'm too tired. I'm up to my neck in readings and essays. Come October, I will be a full-fledged lunatic what with the huge number of essays due. Not fair because October is supposed to be speshal. It's my birthday month dammit. No homework allowed. I've always had sucky birthdays because it happens that Oct 8 falls in nicely during the examination period. So it's always like 'Yay, my birthday. whoop. gotta go study chapter 13 on Price Elasticity now.' BARF. I'll let it pass that my birthday isn't a national holiday but 6 essays due on that day? *pulls hair out by clumps*
It does not help that I haven't seen pointy-haired boy in yonks. He must be hiding. Then I guess it's up to me to seek him out. ooh FUN.
Will update about life in later entry. My pillow beckons to me and I happen to have an appointment with Hugh Jackman and Mark Wahlberg in Lalaland tonight.

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So the one week vacation is over. Amount of work accomplished, zero. Where has all the time gone??!!? sob. I will attempt to recall the events of the past week starting from last Sunday. Hopefully, I would be able to account for the amount of time I have wasted.

Sunday, 2 Sept

Went to church. Saw pointy-haired boy. Pointy-haired boy sat two rows in front of me. Spent half of time staring at back of his pointy-haired head. Hmm, his sideburns are getting a little long but I am having deep, loving feelings towards his sense of style. If there is anything I love more than pointy-haired boys, it is pointy-haired boys in cool vintage-type T-shirts and jeans and lurvely broad shoulders. slurp

Went for dinner for Ruth then walked around town for a bit. Then Ruth went off to meet The Ex and I went home.

Received cellphone message from Cassie informing me that Sher's father had passed away that afternoon from a heart attack. I was stunned and rang her immdeiately, hoping it was just a joke made in poorest taste. It was not. He had always been really fit and healthy and Sher would tell us how he played rugby every weekend.

In the face of such circumstances, the animosity that had been brewing between the both of us seem small and trivial. I think it is only in instances like that, that life deals us this shocking slap in the face and throws us all off-course. I was so afraid for Sher and her mother.
It would be so like Sher to turn a situation like that into an excuse to crumble and do stupid things. I did not mean that remark to be malicious, but rather, in most pragmatic observation of her character. Sher has always been this 'toughie'-type person on the outside but we know better. She is hugely complex as a person and half the time, her actions never justify her words. She seems so fiercely independent on the outside, but she is really emotionally dependent and this can be seen in how she turns a blind eye to everything when she was with Mike. Cassie thinks the both of them will gt back together again after this but for once, I think it just might be good for Sher. With the loss of a male figure in her life, Mike would be a good temporary stand-in.

Monday, 3 September

Forgot what I did.


Was supposed to go down to the wake but Cassie called and said not to go down because things are pretty chaotic. Sher's mother cries non-stop and it is all Sher can do but be a pillar of support for her. Cassie, Ruth, Luke and Mike are all taking turns to be with Sher, so that she is never alone with her thoughts.

Tuesday, 4 Sept

Had lunch at a Korean restaurant with Mother and sister then went down to the wake. It was a little awkward when I first saw Sher. But we hugged a little and I asked her how she was (which was like 'd-oh!' when I thought about it. Her father died, how do you think she feels? Yes, I made sure I kicked myself hard after that). She said she was fine but she looked like she aged 10 years in the past 48 hours and was terribly pale.

I sat down next to Ruth at the table and Ruth said Sher hadn't slept since and haven't eaten much. I guess I must have looked too solemn because Qi leaned over and said, "Relax. It isn't that bad. Sher is taking it better than we expected. She just can't be left alone that's all." As the evening wore on, everyone was chatting like it was one of our get-togethers. Sher even came over and sat down, laughing and talking a litle with us. And it was like our junior college days again.

Wednesday, 5 Sept

What I am going to say next will probably seem heartless in the aftermath of Sher's father's funeral.

But eep. I went clubbing.

Yes, with Qi, Jois, Niq and Ying. It was Jois' idea. We went down to Zouk's Mambo Night and had a Singletons' night-out. Actually, Niq isn't exactly single. She's seeing this rather gorgeous (though short) rugby player from our junior college. His name is Andrew but An-drool was what we called him. He looks just like an Chinese Ricky Martn, I kid you not.

The music was great compared to the garage and drum and bass schtuff they play on Friday and Saturday nights (but I still go because I am a poseur). We bumped into Jois' hawt tutorial-mate and his not so hot friend. And we met Gerald, Zhi and Sean too. I was supposed to stay over at Jois' place but she abandoned me at the end of the night to go off with her new-found flavour of the week. She gave me the house keys and warned me not to fall asleep before she got home or she would have to sleep outside with the dog. I had a good mind to do just that but then I am just bitchy, not cruel.

It is always customary for us to pig out after a night of clubbing so we went to Newton. Heaps of sambal sting-ray, coconut juice, barbecued shellfish, Hokkien mee finished off our Singletons' Night out nicely, although all that greasy food coupled with the amount of tequila shots I consumed made me quite ill after that. But no barfing for Jo this time. Am quite proud actaully. My alcohol tolerance is pratically zero, no doubt inherited from my mother who breaks out in rashes when she drinks.

When I got to Jois' place, I realised the *^$#ing idiot did not give me the keys to her gate. Under ordinary non-tight-clubbing-pants circumstances, I would have climbed over the gate. So I sat on the curb outside, rather ill and morose from over-eating and over-drinking. She pulled up half an hour later in the guys' car and when she saw me sitting outside the curb, she grinned sheepishly then broke into mad rounds of laughter. I wanted to kick her perfect pearly-whites in.

Thursday, 6 Sept

Woke up at 3pm. No hangover. Felt fabulous.
Jois, on the other hand, looked worse for wear. I had to drag her out of bed so we could both get some lunch.

What would have been a 5 minute car ride to the food centre took us half an hour because the dear child has yet to learn how to parallel-park, amongst other things. She also shrieks a lot when she drives. Other normal drivers honk or swear, Jois screams and shrieks. When we got to the parking lot at the food centre, I had to get out of the car to guide her into the parking space. A group of guys standing near the parking lot nearly wet themselves laughing. Never again.

Friday, 7 September

Wanted to sleep in but was woken up at 11.30am by Mother, who insisted I accompany her to the markets and be her pack mule. When my mother makes her weekly trips to the markets, she has to recruit the services of the entire family to help cart home the sick loads of groceries she buys. One would think we were feeding a small Third World nation.

Saturday, 8 Sept

Went to the country club with Jois in hopes of getting a tan. I have turned into this sick, putrid shade. I think they call it yellow. Yes, I know Asians are supposed to be 'yellow' but I really am yellow. I look like I am in the advanced stages of some kidney disease.

Anyway, it started to drizzle and the life-guards were starting to get all pervy on Jois in her little blue bikini so we went to Taco Bell. I love Taco Bell.

Popped downtown with Char and we both got manicures. Then we had chocolate cake at Lips. num num. On our way home, we saw a flasher. Char freaked out and I called the police. My phone coversation with the officer on the other line went something like this:

Me: Hi. There is this old guy exposing himself at the main pathway along Bukit Panjang Park.
Officer: Okay. What was he doing?
Me: He was flashing.
Officer: What?
Me: Flashing
Officer: Pardon? you have to speak up, I can't hear you.
Officer: Ok. Could you stick around till the police arrives?
Me: No. I have to be home for dinner but please catch this sick pervert before he gives half the female population in Bukit Panjang conjunctivitis.
Officer: What?

Then I hung up. I hope they catch the sick sonofabitch. It absolutely infuriates me to think of such sick, twisted men lurking around, scaring helpless females. Not I though. I would have kicked the sick bastard in the nuts if he had been close enough.

Char is still freaked out. The sight of the genitals of the opposite sex always makes her squimish. She thinks penises are ugly. I mean I don't exactly think they're pretty but they don't bother me like how they bother her. They're like boobs on a guy I guess. She once saw a picture of Brad Pitt displaying his family jewels in an issue of Cosmo and she hasn't been able to watch 'Legends of the Fall' or '12 Monkeys' since.

Sunday, 9 Sept
Woke up barely in time to go to church. Missed breakfast so stomach was emitting rude, grumble-y noises throughout service. Did not see cute, pointy-haired boy.
Went to Topshop after church with Ruth. Trying on lovely clothes buries disappointed pangs of not seeing pointy-haired boy. Bought three new pairs of cute underwear. Confucius say "Girl can never have too many sets of cute underwear". No Confucius didn't say that. He would have been some kind of pervert if he did. A philosophical pervert. I haven't any respect for philosophical greats, have I? I guess not.

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I used to take some sort of perverse delight in the fact that I was self-centred, self-abosrbed and selfish. Yes, it was actually quite fun to feel that I didn't have to answer to anybody in whatever I do and that I got my way most of the time.

However, of late, I have been doing a little self-reflection so to speak.Just the other day, Char, my mom and I were having dinner at this Thai restaurant and we came to talking about boyfriends and such. And then Char goes "I don't think you'll ever be able to hold onto a boyfriend. You're entirely too selfish, dramatic and high-strung. Imagine the poor guy having to cater to your whims and fancies and subjected to your theatrics 24/7". It was said in good faith but OUCH. Dammit, it stung. But in order to keep up the appearance of being most unconcerned and self-assured, I just laughed along.

It bothered me for the rest of the evening. And the whole of yesterday. And today as well. Could that be the problem? That the new people I meet, namely guys can see through this veneer. That I'm really rotten, spoilt brat, underserving of any love and affection from anyone?

Seriously, how many people actually place others above self? I am quite staunch in my belief that most don't, and I just happen to more honest about it that's all. Well, that's what I tell myself anyway.

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My sister stinks. Literally. She's sitting across from me as I am typing this on the computer. She has been in her PJs since 9 am and it is now 5.24pm. Her logic is that since we are going out for dinner later, she will bathe later. All my nose-wrinkling and 'pee yewws' does not help.
Bad smells aside, I am awfully happy for Jois. She managed to get into the finals of the New Face modelling competition. It's this modelling contest that a local newspaper organises every year. It's not like she created world peace or discovered a new energy source but I guess this means quite a bit to her since she failed to qualiy for the second round when she joined last year.
I suspect there is some sort of an unspoken unrivalry growing between Qi and her. It is still small and rather insignificant at this point and I suppose none of the others have noticed except Cassie and I. It might have to do with the fact that they are both quite quite gorgeous and are hoping to create some waves in the modelling industry. Jois has been modelling for quite some time now while Qi has just started, so I suppose Qi might appear to her as 'competition' or some young upstart.
Personally, I think Jois has nothing to worry about. Qi hasn't her height nor the classically beautiful face structure that she has. But Qi is extremely confident and can carry herself so much better than Jois can.
Offtopic. I just belted out the chrous to the Gun and Roses' song 'Sweet Child of Mine' in my off-key, totally tone-deaf voice of mine and made my sister stop in the midst of shovelling cereal into her mouth. Maybe if I sing some more, she'll go away and the smell will be gone.
Back to topic. At the moment, their little festering rivalry is a source of wry amusement for me, like a backstage glimpse at a catwalk show 'I'm prettier than you' 'No, I'm prettier than you' kind of way. But I suppose should things get worse, I will have to have the both of them de-clawed.
The term break is here. Hooray. Hard to believe that I have been attending University for 5 weeks already. We break for a week and then resume the term on the 10th of September. I have a whole week to catch up on my tutorial and lecture readings. But *sob* I will not get to see my Political Science cutie and my pointy-haired boy for a whole week. Phooey.